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CEO and founder

Hi, i'm Sofie!

When you look at me you probably see a happy and healthy girl. This is me today. I, like most, have bad days. Things weren’t always like this. Before StopMyCraving, I was a high school drop out, who had issues with food and a back injury. I was bedridden for three months and struggled with my cravings. I knew I had to change my life to get better and overcome my cravings but didn’t have the tools to do so. I started my journey researching eating habits and found an article from Harvard saying:

“to beat a craving you have to meet a craving”

I was blown away. Ask yourself “If the study is true, why is this not common knowledge”? I decided that to meet my cravings, I have to find healthier alternatives so I could recover and create new problems for my health. It was hard to find products that matched my dietary needs. Few of them were available at the same store. The products that were, took a long time to research and were scattered all over town.

StopMyCraving was built to solve this problem. On our journey we met others who faced the same challenges. We want to help everyone find tasty alternatives that match personal dietary needs & lifestyle. To do this we provide you a personalized platform and deliver products directly to your door!

Who we are

Tania Biral

Marketing & Communications

Travelholic who loves to put ideas into words!

Federico Megna


Sicilian, he's a coder during the day and a cook at night!

Maggie Gazzola

UX-UI Designer

Designer, thinkerer who's passionate about pizza!

Victoras Dimtsas


Loves coding, but loves coffee even more!